What to expect when: taking over a project under implementation

It is pretty usual for a project manager to find him/herself in a position of taking over a project under implementation.

I remember my first day at a multi-year multi-million project i took over after a succession of three project managers.  I opened the office cabinet. There were at least three skeletons inside. Not literally, of course. I immediately closed the doors – i did not want them to fall and break their necks. I thought i might need them, latter, in full shape.

I am not an archeologist but “digging” is something i enjoy doing.  I needed to learn everything i could about my discoveries. The success of the project and its continuation depended on it.

Digging in project management is not very different from due diligence or market research. It is about learning for an informed decision. Here are a couple of suggestion on where to start.

These will help you identity next steps:

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