Smile! You are SMART

Projects objectives. They are project manager’s best friend and curse. A tough love.

The conventional wisdom wants project objectives to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timebound). You can find many useful references on how to make them SMART in all project management books and methodologies.

We arrive at the project objective through  needs assessments and inclusive consultations, I hope. We write the project objective in the project doc. And we forget about it. Until reporting time knocks at the door or rather sends a reminder these days.

I echoe the need to have SMART objectives. I also like them to smile. If possible. Why? It is perhaps easier to stay loyal to a SMART and SMILE-ing objective.

S – sunny, as in The Carter Family – “Keep On The Sunny Side”, to bring a positive change

M – motivating, as in “One minute Manager”

I – inclusive, as in inclusive development

L -loyal, as in faithful to inclusive development

E – environmentally friendly, as in “do no harm”.


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