A good laugh together keeps the objective closer: ice-breaker

Joy and productivity link. A good laugh makes people more productive at work. See for example the research by Cheng and Wang, ‘Examining the Energising Effects of Humour’, Journal of Business and Psychology, 2015, https://www.psychologies.co.uk/how-use-comedy-improve-your-productivity.

Projects are fertile soil for jokes and a good laugh together acts as a team GPS, Keeping all on course and shortening the journey, without cutting corners though.

I was in a training room. The trainer, Frank, was a consultant hired by the project. I sat at the back of the room, quiet as a mouse. Duty-wise, i needed to check on clients satisfaction by observing. I also love the topic – building leadership skills. The trainer knew i was coming and that he may as well ignore my presence. He chose to announce it. “Our project manager is here”. It was hard not to. I was the only women in the room.

For an ice-breaker, Frank assigned me to a group of participants and gave me a task. “I hope I will still have a job tomorrow”, said Frank to everyone’s’ laugh in the room.

“Happy to be an ice-breaker, Frank”.

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