Projects Evangelists

I love to watch project managers who are body and soul into the project. They live it. They breathe it. They enjoy it all. They suffer it all.

They believe in it 100 percent. They believe that the project will deliver something truly helpful and valuable. They gain partners’ trust with ease and grace.

They give it 150 percent.  They are standards setters. And they raise the bar higher. They connect people and organisations to capitalise on what they achieve. The practice togetherness.

img_2375The word “impossible” is not in their vocabulary. They embrace failure as the greatest teacher.

They are the “evangelists” of the project world. To borrow the term of Guy Kawasaki. They are as humble as the first barefoot evangelists. They preach and practice “earthing”. They are realists and dreamers, all at the same time.

They are the voice of beneficiaries. They cultivate emotional connections between projects and beneficiaries to make the project’s results last, multiply, bring wealth and well-being to all connected.

They ignore trends. They do not replicate projects. They innovate. They go for the unorthodox.

They do not chase clients. They attract the best clients with shared values and common interests. They are selective in engagements.

They are consistent. They walk the talk. They are fair and know well their biases.

And they are relaxed and fun to be with. Because they know why are they doing it.

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