Self Evaluation

It is that time of the year again. Sort of Christmas. Only better.

The time of feedback, evaluation, reflection and learning.

I aspire to stay devoted to the self assessment and 360degree evaluation. They are valuable sources of learning for growth.

“The unexamined life isn’t worth living” said Socrates.  To paraphrase it, unexamined projects remain “just projects”. Examined projects become flagship or landmark projects.

In projects, the dynamics are absorbing and the time for reflexion is traded for the rush to deliver. Still, do not wait for that annual performance evaluation. Make learning and reflection a habit. I am booking reflection time  in my agenda. On Friday afternoons usually. Reflection can be fuelled by self-assessment and feedback inquiries.

Below is a link to a self-evaluation guide. Asking colleagues, team members and clients on how they see my performance and then comparing it to self-assessment can provide valuable insights.


The Project Manager Self Evaluation A Project Management Article by Tom Bishop

If you are interested to read other sources for inspiration, please see “KPIs for Success – An Overview of Project Manager Performance Metrics” 

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