Month: June 2017

Let’s Project some fun

– Did you see some of the country?, the dinner host asks me.

– ya, the street to and from the hotel.

–  This country is beautiful. 

– No disagreement here. My project partners – me pointing at them – make me work when i am here on mission. Talk to them! 🙂

– well, happy people live, healthy people work :), the wisdom of an experienced judge. 

Let’s Project some fun 

Project Manager job interview at its origin: 

– You bring what to the project?

– me – serve snacks on leaves. 

– ?

– me – also put tag names around necks. 

– What happened to last project gang you managed?

– … 2 run away, one – gone mad, 3 – left bites marks on my arm. You want me show? 

– ? Eh…no. No! What result did your project bring to your tribe?

– what’s a “result”?

– thank you. Next candidate please!

Inspired by: 

Why involve civil society in projects?

This week I was one of speakers at an international meeting on civil society involvement in projects. There were lots of inspirational speakers from both sides of the story. 

Will retain for now an advice from Goran Forbici, Director of the Centre for information service, cooperation and development of NGOs, Slovenia:

“Imagine four housewifes in your neighbourhood. One has a chocolate, the second – 2 eggs,  the third  – some butter and sugar, the forth – some flour. With the exception of chocolate, there is little use of ingredients by themselves. But together they can make a chocolate cake.”

I would replace “housewifes” with neighbours, any neighbors. 

If you are not a chocolate-lover, replace it with fruit or another preferred  ingredient. The process and the end-result is what matters most. 

So, next time i am asked why involve the civil society in project design and implementation, i’ll make sure i have all the ingredients in my bag. I might look like a housewife just back from the market, but the result matters in this case, not the impression i might make.  

The “how” in the equation on the involvement of civil society   in projects is a topic for another post. TBContinued.