Fruits from seeds: life post-projects

Something very special happened about a month ago. I was at an international conference with one of the past project’s partners – the Moldovan Young Lawyers Association. We were invited to speak about what worked and what could have been better in the project’s efforts to build the capacity of the organisation we supported.

The session we had to speak at had a tough moderator. The type who says “No” to 9 out of 10 questions. Anyway, my co-speaker asked for the floor. “No”, the moderator said turning his head towards the next scheduled speaker. “It’s only 20 seconds”, he insisted, and lowered to pick something from his bag. He stood up and started with “I would like to thank Oxana…,” and handed me a shining certificate of appreciation. Big time surprize. “I hope someone took a picture” said the moderator loudly, impressed with the gesture and timing. I was and I still am immensely touched. Did I at least say “Thank you!”?

The certificate says “in recognition of the efficient support”. I only did my job: couple of meetings, several phone calls and a dozen of emails. Some paperwork. In fairness, this partner and his colleagues did all the work. Moreover, with the contacts we helped them get, they moved their organisation forward and became members of the European Young Bar Association. And that is my biggest project manager’s dream: see the fruits from the seeds we planted. A life post-project to continue and to last. That is my motivation shot. Thank you, Moldovan Young Lawyers Association! You are really the best and deserve the very best!

A month latter, another investment in relations from last year cascaded to a response visit from Gdansk lawyers to Cahul lawyers. Another fruit from seeds planted in support of regional initiatives, to be taken to a new level. Thank you, Gdansk Bar and Cahul Bar! May this continue to the benefit of all of you.

“We do not choose our clients” was one of my early professional life advices I got. And we rarely know the soil on which the projects plant seeds. But with joint hard work, devotion, care and Sun from fun, they grow roots and stems, leafs and flowers and eventually deliver fruits for us all to enjoy.

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