The gold of the clients’ feedback

“Thank you. It is the first time someone asks about our experience with the new processes”. I still remember the voice of the regional branch director I had on phone about ten years ago.

The project was a simple deal to the project team in the head office: design, test, launch. As the launch was done in all regional branches, I anticipated animosities. I had no clue of the kind to expect, as the product was new and the processes – run in a change management environment. My risks mitigation strategy was simple: a feedback form and a call line for the branches to give their immediate feedback. As a result, IT, client communication and staff learning issues were signaled on time and the project team was able to deal with them efficiently. At the receiving end, the customers felt no bumps and continued their business as usual.

Creating a framework for feedback is also a reliable tool for the project manager to address low or mediocre performance in the project team.  When facing a confused or angry user during a phone call, team members tend to understand better how much depends on how well they do their job.

If of interest,  you can read more on this here

Listen. Learn. Give back. And repeat.0

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