Month: September 2017

This Legal Rebel Takes the Cases of the World’s Most Vulnerable | Rising Stars | OZY – re-post

This week The Open Society featured an article on a project I follow for some time: Namati, founded by Vivek Maru. Putting law in people’s hands. 

Admirable people. Meaningful project. 

“Heart Coherence 365: A guide to long lasting heart coherence” by Dr David O’Hare

My reflexologist introduced me to this book. Its title sounded like a book on project management so it resonated with my thinking framework and my need at that moment. I needed to emotionally realign myself in a period of turbulence. And times of turbulences are not rare in project managers lives.

Moments of anger, disappointment and pressure are part of life in project management. Your heart accelerates, your breath is short, you can’t think straight, your self-esteem might have been hurt… If you have a good self-awareness and you are not too tired, you know what to do and how to get back to the safe and sound harbour. If you are looking for help, this guide can offer it. Hence, I am sharing it here for any fellow colleague to refer to in times of need.

I read it in one go. The author kept his promise to keep it simple and understandable for a non-professional audience. 365 means 3 times a day, 6 times a minute, 5 minutes. All you need is your breath and mindfulness. And a quiet space. The guide offers detailed explanations on how to reach 365. The 365 is the foundation I was looking for in my modest yoga and meditation practice.

If you are curious to learn more, visit

Stay healthy. Breath.

The Controlled Breathing app can be of help as well.