Trust and Teams

We often hear ‘I trust X” or “I do not trust Y”. I discovered that the level and manifestation of trust affects the team performance and ultimately the achievement of the project’s objective.

Members of a project team – be it a NASA project or a local community street cleaning project – need to trust each other. And trust is a feeling. It can be individual or shared. It comes from a variety of sources, including but not exclusively from

– knowing that someone has your back,

– believing that your team mates will deliver on time their part and their belief that you’ll take it from there and move it forward,

– being certain that they will show up at the product launch on time,

– having faith that they will tell you in good faith when you make a mistake and help you either own it or remedy it together.

Trust has come to stay when there is integrity, consistency of words and deeds, commitment to the project goal and genuine investment in building relations. Trust is not built by sharing gossips at the water cooler.

You may want to read more on the topic:

“Trust: does it impact team performance… or not?” by Wendy Hirsch

“How Our Brains Decide When to Trust” by Paul J. Zak

“The 3 Elements of Trust” by Jack Zenger, Joseph Folkman,



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