Thought of the week: success

I read somewhere the definition of a successful chef, which sounds something like this: “Success as a Chef isn’t just about what you accomplish in the kitchen. It’s about what you inspire others to do”.

And I thought that it resonates very much with the definition of a successful project manager. A successful project manager is not only the one who delivers on time, within the budget and according to the objective.

A successful project manager is the one who inspires others to keep going and to do more, after the project is completed. I find it true in development management. It gets back to the proverbial teaching to fish vs. giving the fish.  Or, if you like, the ‘sustainability theory”, as it is formally called.

It works like magic when you put people first in projects.

Case in point:

One of beneficiaries of the project was a young and dynamic organisation, called Young Lawyers Association, which aspired to do more for its members and lacked resources to go international. Becoming part of the international network of similar organisations was paramount to their ability to improve the delivery of its services to its members, as well as their ability to influence the decision-makers of the parent-organisation. The project’s budget and scope accommodated the needs of this organisation and the project team organised a series of networking activities. As a result, the organisation become a member of the European Young Bar Association and, soon after, organised the annual meeting of the later in its own country, the Republic of Moldova. It continues to be engaged and active 3 years after the project finished and has all the indicators to continue to do so for the decades to come.



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