Communication: revisited

A coach once explained the five attributes of communication in this way:

A. Consciousness communication: words have consequences; choose them wisely;

B. Free communication: people are free to express themselves; it would lead otherwise to frustration and conflicts;

C. Expressive communication: the tone, the posture, the face expression are all part of communication;

D. Mutual communication: treat others as you’d like to be treated; use active listening;

E. Efficient communication: be clear, precise, use facts.

Before any communication:

  • inform yourself,
  • show recognition and
  • frame the relationship.

“Communication is my middle name” I often say at the first meeting with a new project team. It’s my pledge for a positive working environment, a pre-requisite for any project success. I am not always 100% on it but I am continuously committed. I also ask trusted team members to tell me when I am not.

I found the following tool useful for navigating the different communication styles and their consequences on relationships (credit Psychology Tools):

assertive comm

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