The strengths of an introverted project manager

I am an ambivert. At times, I charge my energy battery from being with and among people. At other times, I need to go within to recharge. I can talk, walk and gesture in a meeting to make a point I care about. In other instances, I can feel glued to my chair with my lips sealed.

For an introvert, projects’ dynamics can be merciless. Projects are team based, hence charged with the intensity of the human interaction. Times to recharge are postponed and tensions mount. It seems an ideal environment for extroverts, who thrive in a busy environment. Yet, not all of us are 100% extroverts in this line of business. Overall, 40% to 60% of the workforce are introverts. Look around the meeting room next time 🙂 .

Thanks to research, my own and other people’s experience I designed a strategy for my inner introvert, when her majesty decides it is time to reign.

The strategy has two parts:

First, I noted down a keepsake list of strengths to remind myself from time to time. Even if not on display, introverts have many valuable strengths. You can create your own list.

Secondly, I created a prep plan, with road signs for times when it feels like the project is on a rollercoaster. I am happy to share some of its elements. Again, feel free to create your own plan.

The above was inspired by Jennifer Kahnweiler, PhD, author of the book “Quiet Influence. The introvert’s guide to making a difference”.

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