The five habits of warmhearted project managers in times of adversity

This global crisis reverberates on many if not all aspects of our lives. Projects are not immune to that. For many project managers, as any other professions, it will became a test of resilience.

Over years, I noticed that a certain magic balance between a cool head and a warm heart transforms good project managers into great leaders at any level, regardless of the team’s size and type of business. While my fellow colleagues offer seamingly endless manifestations of professional warmth in these times of adversity, I noticed five most common habits of project managers who practice it:

1. Warmhearted project managers do a well-being check first and a delivery status check after. They know or are eager to learn how are everyone’s families.

2. They give praise in public and keep the rest in private. Be it online or in the office.

3. They will “discriminate” in favour of the most vulnerable, be it in the team or among other stakeholders. They will produce that report for a team member who as a single mother has to take care of three little kids while teleworking.

4. When frustration goes up or anger boils up, they will not turn their cheek. They will simply wait until tomorrow. They will pick up the phone and talk it through.

5. They are kind to themselves and to others. They know what to say and when to say it. The also know the value of “silence is gold”. Especially in times of adversity.

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