What’s your natural leadership style?

As we, project managers, reinvent ourselves during these unusual times, we may want to stop and ponder over our strengths. We may do this by self-reflection, by talking to people whose advice we trust or by taking a test. It can replenish our inner resources and serve as an anchor in times of turbulence. We may find out that being ourselves is the greatest anti-dot to adversity.

I am a reader of “Pshychologies”, so their test on leadership style came right on time: https://www.psychologies.co.uk/test-whats-your-natural-leadership-style?fbclid=IwAR0SvFWqQ2E7AuZ2vA18Ri_FqDwc0dGYJEefpzerEeK7aXGxdLfdNYJ8GCE

Here is my result: Collaborator

Collaborators may not think of themselves as natural leaders, but their ability to bring people together and get them involved is a form of leadership that creates momentum and makes things happen. Collaborators believe in the power of listening and learning from others. They see the best in people and are natural networkers, even though they may not see themselves this way. When faced with a new project or challenge, their instinct is to think, ‘Who would be good for this?’ They are the opposite of a micromanager and feel relaxed about people doing things their own way, as long as it gets the desired result. With a developed sense of empathy, they can see everyone’s point of view, and they don’t like conflict, so there are times when they may struggle to make decisions. Successful collaborators will always find themselves at the centre of things, which means they are often aware of what is going on long before most people. Add to this a motivation to create the best possible outcomes for others, and a collaborator will always be an influential member of any team or friendship group.

What’s your natural leadership style?

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