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Oren Yakobovich: Hidden cameras that film injustice in the world’s most dangerous places | TED Talk – re-post

A Highly admirable Project for change. Manage with care, prioritise the security of change agents, work with the most vulnerable people and affected voiceless communities are only a few of this video highlights.


To see is to believe, says Oren Yakobovich — which is why he helps everyday people use hidden cameras to film dangerous situations of violence, political fraud and abuse. His organization, Videre, uncovers, verifies and publicizes human-rights abuses that the world needs to witness.


Ted Talks on Project Planning and Team Management

I grew to understand that you can learn about how to manage a project from a variety of sources, even from watching ants in the process of building their nest.

If you are still not convinced about this less conventional source of knowledge and your learning style is more visual or if you just want to listen to a good talk here is a selection of 6 Must-Watch Ted Talks on Project Planning and Team Management, by . Enjoy!

6 Must-Watch Ted Talks on Project Planning and Team Management